When an infertile woman finds herself pregnant, it’s a cause for celebration. When that woman is approaching her 55th birthday, it’s practically a miracle!

Hannah Murrow certainly thinks so in the wake of her (very) belated blessing. But she is disappointed that no one — not her husband, Ryan, eager for retirement; not her longtime friends from her infertility support group; and least of all her moody, difficult adopted daughter Natty — seems to share her excitement. Quite the opposite, in fact: Ryan pressures Hannah to terminate the pregnancy, threatening her with divorce if she decides to proceed with it.

It’s a devastating assault on her most dearly-held dream. But Hannah discovers that Ryan’s reason for opposing late-in-life fatherhood is rooted in some information he has hidden from her for years. His admission causes Hannah to question her opinion of a man she thought she knew so well.

Meanwhile, Natty and her boyfriend have developed a plan to turn Hannah’s improbable pregnancy into a marketing opportunity, and Hannah into an unlikely social media star, “Saint Hannah.” At first reluctant, Hannah soon embraces her status as a celebrity, relishing her role as a one-in-a-million mother-to-be as well as the newly strengthened relationship with Natty it has brought. But despite its perks, the fame of being “Saint Hannah” proves to be a double-edged sword, bringing complications Hannah never anticipated.

As she approaches her due date, encountering milestones and suffering unexpected losses, Hannah is forced to reconsider her future with Ryan, her need for validation – and especially what it means to be a mother, both to the child she’s expecting and to the one she has already raised.

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