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The Book of Hannah: A Tragicomedy in Three Trimesters

When an infertile woman finds herself pregnant, it’s a cause for celebration.
When that woman is approaching her 55th birthday, it’s practically a miracle!

Hannah Murrow certainly thinks so in the wake of her (very) belated blessing. But she is disappointed that no one — not her husband, eager for retirement; not her longtime friends from her infertility support group; and least of all her moody, difficult adopted daughter Natty — seems to share her excitement. That all changes when Natty and her boyfriend turn Hannah’s improbable pregnancy into a marketing opportunity, and Hannah into an unlikely social media celebrity. In the process, Hannah reconsiders what it means to be a mother, both to the child she’s expecting and to the one she has already raised.

Genre: Woman’s Fiction

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By Its Cover

Heiress Amelia Winstead is at first dismayed when she discovers her mischievous father has published her cheeky personal journal as the writings of one “Bartholomew Findlay.” Yet even as the book becomes wildly popular, including among the very members of the Ton described in unflattering detail therein, she nevertheless feels safe hidden behind the male pseudonym.

That is, until a clever and attractive young stranger arrives, claiming the book as his own work and Bartholomew Findlay as his name. Will Amelia lose her heart to this imposter, or to Edmund Torrington, the handsome Viscount whose suspicions threaten to expose her as the true author…and her friends and neighbours as the objects of universal ridicule?

Genre: Regency Romance

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The People’s Republic of America

Third-generation veterinarian Iris Kiernan, reluctantly back in her small hometown to help her widowed father keep his own practice afloat, notices a pattern of dog deaths apparently caused by imported Chinese treats. With the help of disgraced journalist Eric Bernard, she discovers that canine fatalities may be just the beginning, because a shadowy China-based entity is using low-priced consumer goods to introduce widespread toxins into the U.S….its sights set on human prey. The chilling objective: “Death by Capitalism.”

But can Iris and Eric persuade the authorities there’s a plot to defeat the U.S. without a single shot fired, using something as innocuous as a chain of discount stores? Or will the Chinese use our addiction to cheap goods to bring America to its knees, taking its place as the world’s sole superpower?

Genre: Political Thriller

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